sarah barone

artist statement

Sarah Barones current art practice explores the body, and its potential as a window for knowing, acting, and thinking differently. Through moving image works and installations, she explores embodied thinking. As a performer and visual artist, her interests lay in constructing site with choreographic tone, and ways of merging dance methodologies with feminist techno-ecologies, and investigation notions of interconnectedness. She translates these investigations into experiments with found objects, investigating their relationship in the context of material histories and contemporary thought. This intermingling of movement and space underpins her art projects, research interests, and work into the realms of choreography, installation, and found object collages where dance, moving image, digital landscapes and material cultures collaborate and continue to evolve.

Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist and designer whose work is informed by digital design, contemporary dance and behavioral studies, placing her interests on the interingling of body and sociopolitical subjects. Her contemporary dance training has most recently evolved in Montreal, New York City & Denver, most recently participating in BIG BANG with Stephanie Decourteille (2019-2020) and GagaLab in NYC with Batsheva Dance Company dancers. Sarah is interested in the shared boundaries, expressions and interceptions of societal structures and the body including theatrical, installation and moving image interpretations.

movement | installation | moving image