Las Plañideras_2023

Electroacousic Performance

Las Plañideras is a performance that listens deeply to topographies of bodies; water, human, and the technological systems. In a soundscape directed by body movement, this project experiments with real-time feedback from a DIY stretch and motion sensor to distort samples of ocean waves (RAW Field Recordings), playing in forward and reverb motions (MAXMSP), embodying the ebb and flow of water states in our current climate and its fluctuating ecological changes. The performers, using subtle motions, act as mourners to water bodies disembodiment, paying particular attention to decades of water consumption that have diminished systems and ecological feedback loops drastically over time. In the background looms a mix of fixed and dynamic media with an atmospheric composition was arranged with drone, noise and reverb experimentation, paired with some elements of field recordings with the goal of exploring the harmonic structures that exist within these bodies and the interaction between fixed media and interactive/performance based soundscape.

Born from our brief time at the Sonic Visions Academy (CMMAS) in Morelia (MX), this piece draws inspiration from the cultural, architectural, and natural elements of the city. Coming from a diverse background across the fine arts, computer science, electroacoustics, this was our way of sharing the heart of our journey through sound and movement.


Sarah Al Mamoun - Creative Technology & Performance
Sarah Barone: Creative Direction, Choreography &Performance

Las Plañideras // The Mourners from Sarah Rose-Barone on Vimeo.