Sonic assemblage: Low-frequency sounds, Transducer, mylar, LED, charcoal 

An assemblage of gleaned materials; riverside field recordings, wild-fire sourced charcoal, and agricultural mylar, is arranged to recreate an immersive river room. Concerning the endangerment of the Colorado River, the work asks us to listen closely to the current state of the river. Still-flows is an analog data-visualization of a sonic road trip that begins with rapidly melting ice at the basin of the river, La Poudre Pass (CO), and moves downstream, tracing the life and future death of a main-artery river-system. Historically an artery migrating resources between the US and Mexico, the recreation of this river echoes the ebb and flow of tensions between the two nations. Interruptions by dams and drought are expressed in pulse palpitations, symbolizing the damaging ripple effects of American imperialism. An expression of the deep, radical listening it takes to converse with non-human systems, the work attempts to reflect the rigid legal and imperialist structures preventing the water from existing in sustainable ways, questioning the ulterior methods to interpret the glitching weather and social systems.