Untitled//We are but loops_2021

Screendance, video performance

who constantly get caught against the currents,
live on the borders of ebb
and its flow.
Only living if the wind is right.
Transplants in a landwhere we will never take root.

As we try teetering this line,
sinking our feet in becomes a ritual— even the glitch.

Like a line drawn within. 
In the way we walk or pause,
pondering to our hope for a future
for our selves
for each other
trying almost too desperately to connect.

When we “miss” it’s an empty feeling.
Then the topolographies of home just start to grow.
Like wildfires.
A life of their own burning lines that always seem to point back to the way it used to be
for you
for me--something else.

Repeating the same thing we’ve always done
Somehow different enough
To change
Suddenly you are
Back in the same place
Walking the same line
Tracing the contours of your home
So you can remember where you came from
Why you left
And where you want to go
Constantly catching up
With your family
With your friends
dancing in circles til you fall back in
to you.

Camera: Agustina Isidori